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Link Exchange eMailsI tend to receive quite a number of link exchange emails even with filters set up on my email accounts.

Every now and then, I’ll actually read one (some are quite entertaining), but never act upon them. I don’t do link exchanges for the sake of exchanging links.

I’m amazed at the format and content of the link exchange requests and their asinine suggestion that they’ve reviewed my site and that it’s closely related to a site that they’re promoting and trying to increase the PageRank of.

The URLs listed in the emails detailing where my link would be placed lead to pages that are hilarious and chock full of links to every type of site imaginable; not quite a page where you’d want it known that you have a link there. Even if you’re given two for the one link on your website. I think you get the idea.

All of the emails follow the same format, sometimes the sites differ, sometimes not. But usually the free GMail address and person making the request changes frequently. I mean, are they getting their free email accounts shut down as quick as they create them? I’d think it would be kind of difficult to run a successful link exchange campaign if you kept getting reported for spam and had your account disabled.

Want to be taken seriously? Send a genuine request using an email account from the domain that you’re promoting. You might actually get a reply, even if it’s only one that says “No Thanks.”

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    I agree – before i ask a company to consider a link exchange – i will copy there home page – assign links – and give the company the entire page. Yes it takes time but the results are worth the effort. If there is a company that works in the realestate industry, I would like to show you what i mean.

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