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Link Exchange eMailsI tend to receive quite a number of link exchange emails even with filters set up on my email accounts.

Every now and then, I’ll actually read one (some are quite entertaining), but never act upon them. I don’t do link exchanges for the sake of exchanging links.

I’m amazed at the format and content of the link exchange requests and their asinine suggestion that they’ve reviewed my site and that it’s closely related to a site that they’re promoting and trying to increase the PageRank of.

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Link ExchangesLink exchanges happen naturally. And some times unknowingly.

I’ve unexpectedly found links pointing to my site from those I’ve linked to some time in the past when creating a resource for my visitors.

No notification or any type of request asking for a reciprocal link was sent; it just happened.

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Ever find yourself working your tail off obtaining inbound links only to find yourself outranked by sites with less backlinks?

So you hire someone to perform certain link building services such as social bookmarking, link wheeling or 5k directory submissions and forum profile links.

You post feverishly in discussion forums which allow profile and signature links.

You do all of these things you see suggested repeatedly in webmaster forums, but you still find yourself outranked by sites with much fewer links.

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Looking forward is always fun, and some of the SEO predictions for 2011 circulating are fantastic and I love them.

Some lean heavily towards Social Media optimization since Google and Bing have confirmed that links shared via Twitter or Facebook are considered as a signal of quality and do affect the rankings, and how much may depend on the social authority of a user.

Social authority is probably defined or calculated by the number and quality of people you are following and the social status of your followers; and I’ll also guess that the number of re-Tweets could very well contribute to one’s social authority.

This is a great example of why no-follow links are important. 😉

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Where's the beef?Congratulations! You’ve done all of your research and taken the time to create the type of content that will eventually attract links all on its own.

But how?

After creating citation worthy content, do just a little more research to identify which sites might have an interest in listing your resource and provide you with the type of links favored by search engines that stand the test of time.

Editorial additions on authoritative and quality sites only get better with age and will trump self service links in the long run. As an added benefit, you’re no longer chasing more cheap links to replace those that were deleted or have been pushed down into the muck at the bottom of the pond by each successive blog comment or forum post.

So now you have to jump start a link campaign and get it rolling. If your great resource remains unknown, you can’t expect expect anyone to link to it. Once you do have a few high quality links in place, other links generally follow.

But it’s up to you to dangle the hook to get it all started.

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