Pink PlumeriaNah, not the seasonal flu; but a yearnin’ that’s been nagging at me.

I’ve got a small pocket digital camera (Canon PowerShot SD750) as it was easy to tote around when I needed to take it along on a call to grab a few images for the file I prepare for my clients’ who service claimants with supposed transit damages.

Amazing what people would claim as new transit damage, but that’s a whole other story.

While those images always seemed sufficient for the work related stuff, I feel that the quality of the images lacking for the things that I’d like to photograph not because I have to, but because I just want to.

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Hall Way Shoji DoorsI just spent the better part of the week playing tateguya-san.

Most of that time was divided between standing in front of a table saw making numerous repetitive rabbet cuts for the individual pieces of a variety of Kumiko patterns for interior Shoji doors,  and then assembling the Kumiko on a makeshift bench hoping for a precise fit.

During this whole time, there was something I just couldn’t ignore.

Attention to detail, no matter how small.

The individual pieces have to have exact cuts in order for them to fit properly for each style.

While monotonous, a single mistake can throw off a pattern completely and there are 28 sets of Kumiko for the 14 individual doors.

Each piece of the pair must mirror the other as one is for the front of the door, and one is for the back.

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Here’s a run down on some of my favorite Internet Blog Directories; these blog directories are the  ones that should actually pay some dividends just by having a listing there. Be it a little more juice on Google or some actual live visitors to your blog, these are the directories I’ve used in the past with good results.


1. BOTW Blog Directory

Selective blog directory features a nice cross section of the best blog sites with at least 6 months of active posting and rich content; only lists blogs which meet their own minimum criteria for inclusion. Also offers the opportunity to volunteer as an editor.

Definitely one of the best places to have your blog listed. Current fee for review is $149,99 annually or $299.99 one time fee. There is a free submit option with no time guarantee that your submission will be reviewed.

It’s probably a safe bet that in order to get a free listing, you’ll probably need to submit a high quality blog to a category that’s under represented.


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Link Exchange eMailsI tend to receive quite a number of link exchange emails even with filters set up on my email accounts.

Every now and then, I’ll actually read one (some are quite entertaining), but never act upon them. I don’t do link exchanges for the sake of exchanging links.

I’m amazed at the format and content of the link exchange requests and their asinine suggestion that they’ve reviewed my site and that it’s closely related to a site that they’re promoting and trying to increase the PageRank of.

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Link ExchangesLink exchanges happen naturally. And some times unknowingly.

I’ve unexpectedly found links pointing to my site from those I’ve linked to some time in the past when creating a resource for my visitors.

No notification or any type of request asking for a reciprocal link was sent; it just happened.

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