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Pink PlumeriaNah, not the seasonal flu; but a yearnin’ that’s been nagging at me.

I’ve got a small pocket digital camera (Canon PowerShot SD750) as it was easy to tote around when I needed to take it along on a call to grab a few images for the file I prepare for my clients’ who service claimants with supposed transit damages.

Amazing what people would claim as new transit damage, but that’s a whole other story.

While those images always seemed sufficient for the work related stuff, I feel that the quality of the images lacking for the things that I’d like to photograph not because I have to, but because I just want to.

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Hall Way Shoji DoorsI just spent the better part of the week playing tateguya-san.

Most of that time was divided between standing in front of a table saw making numerous repetitive rabbet cuts for the individual pieces of a variety of Kumiko patterns for interior Shoji doors,  and then assembling the Kumiko on a makeshift bench hoping for a precise fit.

During this whole time, there was something I just couldn’t ignore.

Attention to detail, no matter how small.

The individual pieces have to have exact cuts in order for them to fit properly for each style.

While monotonous, a single mistake can throw off a pattern completely and there are 28 sets of Kumiko for the 14 individual doors.

Each piece of the pair must mirror the other as one is for the front of the door, and one is for the back.

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Girl with ad board

I had an inquiry from someone asking why my blog was devoid of advertising. They went on to explain how many different types of ads I could run on my blog and suggested that I could make some extra money by blending in a few ads amongst the content.

The blog has always been a hobby and I still generally blog when I have a bit of free time or come across some interesting information or events that I think are worth sharing.

Funny how real life has it’s way of taking time from some of the things you’d rather be doing.

At one point the blog was neglected for a period of time and I didn’t realize that it had gotten hacked.

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I’m sitting here trying to decide what to have for lunch. It’s an every day event that I’m looking forward to today with much more anticipation than usual.

It’s still early.

I’ve only had my second cup of coffee and haven’t really gotten the day started yet, but lunch is definitely up front in my mind.

I was thinking about the great sushi restaurant down town that serves some very creative sushi rolls that you wouldn’t find at a traditional sushi bar.

Then there’s a bar and grill across town that serves a mean seared Ahi Caesar salad. A fantastic portion of perfectly seasoned and searched ahi with a wasabi aioli sauce that’s just unbelievable. The Caesar dressing isn’t bad either

Why do I care so much about today’s lunch even though I’ll be dining solo?

I’m having a molar extracted shortly there after and have a feeling I won’t be looking forward to dinner this evening  with much enthusiasm. 😉

Comment Clowns

So I’ve been pretty busy off-line since the beginning of August and haven’t had much spare time. I’m hoping I can get back to a more leisurely pace after the holidays.

I did however have some time to review many of the comments left and wasn’t really surprised by the crappy comments left by the comment clown brigade.

What’s surprising is that there are blogs where these types of comments are getting published. I guess if they weren’t getting published, the comment spamming would diminish.

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