Totally Clueless

Random humorous observations of assumptions and over zealousness.

How much can I charge for a link?

I was reading discussions on one of the popular Webmaster forums and happened across a thread where someone was asking how much they could charge their client for what they considered to be “high calibre” links.

They went on to briefly explain how it was of such importance and value because of the PageRank and domain extension.

I think there was the glimmer of hope that someone naive enough would validate their ridiculous claim and assist with calculating some absurd monetary value for these  “rare as hens teeth” links.

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This blog is a hobby of mine, and for some time I’ve been inactive and haven’t found the time to take care of it. Well, that was a serious mistake on my part.

I checked the stats periodically and noticed a decline in visitors.  Not uncommon with a stagnant blog and I guess its to be expected. What I didn’t realize is that I had been hacked which in turn led me to getting whacked in Google.Hacked

Pure ignorance on my part.

Had I looked at the Webmaster Tools dashboard I would have seen that the keywords associated with my blog were unrelated to the actual content.  Nothing that I ramble on about incoherently was listed. The top 16 keywords are all related to crappy pill peddlers and their wares.

I also did a search and saw the same thing. I checked the cached version of a number of pages and saw nothing suspicious. I viewed the source code and there was nothing unusual visible to me.

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I’m still amused by the various posts and discussions in webmaster forums regarding sitelinks in Google’s search results. We need to get past the misconception that the occurrence of sitelinks confers some sort of status upon a web site, and some how the webmaster or site owner is responsible for this as it’s some sort of achievement or reward for their link building or PageRank “sculpting” efforts.

I think it’s necessary to first understand the basics regarding Google and their search results. Google classifies search queries into three categories:

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Authority Status?

Hahaha. Wishful thinking. They’re just Sitelinks.

They have nothing to do with the status of any web site and everything to do with Google’s search results and their users – the surfers conducting searches.

Webmasters would like to think that the occurrence of Sitelinks bestows a certain status upon their humble web site and that some how, in some way, they’re directly responsible.

Arrogance? Ignorance? Maybe a little of both. 😆

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What is Directory Spongiform Encephalopathy?

Directory Spongiform Encephalopathy is a common degenerative web directory disorder characterized by enlarged “directory” sub categories that give the directory a bloated or “spongy” appearance.

Research indicates that DSEs are caused by abnormal, excessive submission to and acceptance of useless web directories.

The obsessive feeding of directories to directories mirrors the absurd practice of feeding livestock slaughterhouse waste to livestock under the guise of milk replacers, calf starters and feed supplements.

Feeding ruminants to ruminants resulted in Bovine Spongiform Encephalopathy (Mad Cow Disease), and the corresponding practice by directory owners will yield similar, fatal results.

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