Reciprocal Links Are Not Bad

Link ExchangesLink exchanges happen naturally. And some times unknowingly.

I’ve unexpectedly found links pointing to my site from those I’ve linked to some time in the past when creating a resource for my visitors.

No notification or any type of request asking for a reciprocal link was sent; it just happened.

Some times it can be a good thing to just link to a site because you’re impressed with the content or it’s a good resource for your visitors.

You don’t have to notify them that you’ve added a link to their site, but you can. I prefer not to as the reason for linking to them in the first place was to build a better resource, not to exchange links in an attempt to boost your link popularity.

Excessive reciprocal linking with sites just to boost your link popularity are not good and it’s a practice I recommend that you avoid.

Feel free to link out! Build a better resource. And to hell with nofollow; sometimes the more you give, the more you get. 😉