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Copyright Infringement

What is copyright infringement? According to Wikipedia, it is the unauthorized use of copyrighted material in a manner that violates one of the copyright owner’s exclusive rights, such as the right to reproduce or perform the copyrighted work, or to make derivative works that build upon it.

As the web grows this seems to happen more than we’d like to think about – you publish your work online only to find that your intellectual property is being used on someone else’s web site verbatim, or as a derivative work, or even distributed freely to others for their own benefit, financial or otherwise.

So what can you do about copyright infringement?

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As everyone thought, Matt Cutts has mentioned that it’s highly unlikely that we will be seeing RK values any time soon, if ever again.

Q: Is the RK parameter turned off, or should we expect to see it again?
A: I wouldn’t expect to see the RK parameter have a non-zero value again.

Q: What’s an RK parameter?
A: It’s a parameter that you could see in a Google toolbar query. Some people outside of Google had speculated that it was live PageRank, that PageRank differed between Bigdaddy and the older infrastructure, etc.

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Crystal Ball

Seems that Google has stopped providing the RK values that all of the popular PageRank Prediction tools were using to entertain us with visions of real time or future PageRank values.

Is it permanent or just temporary? We’ll have to wait and see. Sure has quelled the “Future PageRank” mumblings going on in the webmaster forums.


Are you afflicted?

Pixel Envy (piks’ el en’ve)(n): The feeling of discontent or resentment aroused by the qualities of another’s toolbar or public PageRank display.

Pixel Envy (PE) is a neurological condition which results in involuntary spasms and vocalizations called tics. Symptoms are most pronounced around the months of January, April, July and October.

Symptoms of Pixel Envy include involuntary spasms like repetitive typing of domain names into PageRank tools that provide simultaneous multiple displays for which the afflicted become overly excited.

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What the fuzzuck is with all of the fascination over Future PageRank or Predicted PageRank?

I really hate to say it, but the webmasters making the most noise about their Predicted PageRank or Future PageRank are the ones who least understand PageRank and wouldn’t know what to do with it if they had it.

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