And We Worry About Avian Flu?

Are you afflicted?

Pixel Envy (piks’ el en’ve)(n): The feeling of discontent or resentment aroused by the qualities of another’s toolbar or public PageRank display.

Pixel Envy (PE) is a neurological condition which results in involuntary spasms and vocalizations called tics. Symptoms are most pronounced around the months of January, April, July and October.

Symptoms of Pixel Envy include involuntary spasms like repetitive typing of domain names into PageRank tools that provide simultaneous multiple displays for which the afflicted become overly excited.

Those with Pixel Envy become delusional and attempt to hoard PageRank, refusing to exchange links with others whose toolbar PR displays values less than their own and believing that their PageRank is somehow more powerful than anothers.

Many laypersons inaccurately believe that all persons with Pixel Envy syndrome have coprolalia – the uncontrollable and obsessive utterances of inappropriate phrases (such as Future PageRank or Predicted PageRank) – although the majority of persons with Pixel Envy syndrome may not.

Pixels’ de la Goog’les Syndrome – also called Pixel Envy disorder – was once believed to be very rare. Current research shows that Pixel Envy syndrome is not rare, and that the majority of cases probably go undiagnosed and undetected.