RK No More, No More, No More, No More…..

As everyone thought, Matt Cutts has mentioned that it’s highly unlikely that we will be seeing RK values any time soon, if ever again.

Q: Is the RK parameter turned off, or should we expect to see it again?
A: I wouldn’t expect to see the RK parameter have a non-zero value again.

Q: What’s an RK parameter?
A: It’s a parameter that you could see in a Google toolbar query. Some people outside of Google had speculated that it was live PageRank, that PageRank differed between Bigdaddy and the older infrastructure, etc.

So there goes all of the Predicted PageRank tools down the drain. Now aren’t you glad you didn’t buy one of those hot kiddie scripts to create your own Future PageRank site?

I imagine that there will be a few individuals that would like to think that they were responsible for clouding everyone’s crystal ball, and wanting to make alot of noise to draw attention to themselves, but I think they really know better.

Any time someone discovers a cute little trick and it becomes mainstream, expect Google to react.

Remember when your backlinks would be listed in order of PageRank just by inserting a hyphen in front of the link: operator?

Those were great times, weren’t they?