I’ll Trade 2 Carlos Beltrans for Your Honus Wagner…

Honus Wagenr Tobacco Card
I’ll give you 2 Carlos Beltran’s for your Honus Wagner. He’s predicted to make the Hall of Fame so they’re going to be worth quite a bit and would be great for your portfolio.

I’m surprised (ok, so I’m not) at some of the link exchange requests and suggestions received via email or by private messages in various forums. What the fuzzuck, is it my avatar?

Why does everyone expect a quality link in exchange for a reciprocated link from a hyperlink landfill they so fondly refer to as a directory? Do they really believe that a few green pixels are enough to camouflage their link farm? I don’t care how many coats of paint you put on the outhouse, it still stinks whenever you open the door.

How about a link from your well ranked authority page in exchange for a reciprocated link from a page deep in my crappy unknown and rarely visited directory? It’s a predicted PageRank 5 you know, so it’ll be a powerful one-way link and good for your SEO. And I’ll also add your site to another of my predicted PageRank 4 general directories.

You’re suggesting we exchange links for all of the wrong reasons. I don’t care about your PageRank and I’m not sure why you’re so concerned with my SEO efforts. Link dumps are really popular right now and I’m sure if you look around, you’ll find one to play in. Maybe even in a bad neighborhood near you.

If you have a site that my visitors would find interesting and it’s related to the topic of my site, I just may link to it because I like it. You should consider doing the same sometime.

Oh, you can keep your Carlos Beltran’s, the corners are bent anyway.