March 2006

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Are you afflicted?

Pixel Envy (piks’ el en’ve)(n): The feeling of discontent or resentment aroused by the qualities of another’s toolbar or public PageRank display.

Pixel Envy (PE) is a neurological condition which results in involuntary spasms and vocalizations called tics. Symptoms are most pronounced around the months of January, April, July and October.

Symptoms of Pixel Envy include involuntary spasms like repetitive typing of domain names into PageRank tools that provide simultaneous multiple displays for which the afflicted become overly excited.

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Okay, so you’ve discovered that someone ranking above you in the search results is using hidden text on their web page.

White, off-white or very light grey text on a white background, a long list of keywords or a paragraph that really makes no sense but is so full of search terms and keyword phrases you’d think a spider would choke on all that crap.

Spammer! Gotcha!

Most of the major search engines have a form for reporting search quality issues, so you fill out the form and wait for the page to drop from the search results so that your own page will move up one spot.

And you wait…..

And you wait…..

And you wait…..

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What the fuzzuck is with all of the fascination over Future PageRank or Predicted PageRank?

I really hate to say it, but the webmasters making the most noise about their Predicted PageRank or Future PageRank are the ones who least understand PageRank and wouldn’t know what to do with it if they had it.

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What the??!


That’s what I was thinking when I saw the name as well.

When it wasn’t registered, I thought “Why not?”

Ever just get an urge? Then you know what I mean.

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