Where's the beef?Congratulations! You’ve done all of your research and taken the time to create the type of content that will eventually attract links all on its own.

But how?

After creating citation worthy content, do just a little more research to identify which sites might have an interest in listing your resource and provide you with the type of links favored by search engines that stand the test of time.

Editorial additions on authoritative and quality sites only get better with age and will trump self service links in the long run. As an added benefit, you’re no longer chasing more cheap links to replace those that were deleted or have been pushed down into the muck at the bottom of the pond by each successive blog comment or forum post.

So now you have to jump start a link campaign and get it rolling. If your great resource remains unknown, you can’t expect expect anyone to link to it. Once you do have a few high quality links in place, other links generally follow.

But it’s up to you to dangle the hook to get it all started.

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Alexa Internet
There are a number of rumors circulating touting various methods and services available that will supposedly provide a boost your Alexa web ranking.

Having wondered if there was any validity to the claims, I thought I’d try a few basic tests of my own to see which methods outside of using a service could actually accomplish this task.

Alexa’s Site Info displays a web site’s traffic rankings, reach, pageviews, pageviews per user, bounce%, search%, click stream and audience profiles. The metric that most are concerned with is the overall traffic ranking; the lower the number, the higher your traffic is supposed to be.

Some webmasters have figured out that by loading the Alexa Toolbar and visiting a site daily, it can improve the ranking. Others refuse to install the toolbar as they consider it to be spyware.

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Which directories are best?
When choosing which directories to submit your site(s) to, it can be a good idea to take a moment to review the directory to decide whether or not you want to be listed there rather than throwing your URLs at everything that moves to see what might stick. You’re really not that desperate for links are you?

I realize that it’s easy to get caught up in the frenzy when trying to compete in link based algorithms; but sheer quantity is not always best and as algorithms evolve I’m one that feels the low quality links may just have a detrimental effect that you’ll play hell trying to reverse. But let’s stick to one topic for now. 🙂

What characteristics do you look for beyond whether or not a directory has a free option or a functioning submission form when trying to decide if you should submit a site for consideration there? Do you review the submission guidelines or the Terms of Service? Does it matter if either are non-existent?

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DMOZ editor wading through submissionsEver wonder why some of the lesser sites have multiple listings in DMOZ and how they got there? How are deeplinks added to the directory? Do editors look beyond the submitted URL for possible deeplink listings when reviewing a site that’s been suggested by a webmaster or web site owner?

Ever wonder how you can get your site deeplinked in DMOZ, or other quality directories for that matter?

Having sites with deeplink listings in DMOZ, Yahoo Directory (multiple topics) BOTW.org and GoGuides.org, I’d thought I’d share how they came about.

The first thing to keep in mind is that a DMOZ editor is under no obligation to review any of the sites suggested by webmasters, site owners or the overly enthusiastic public. An editor is there of their own volition, because they want to be and they share an interest and desire to create a compilation of resources under subjects that they may have a passion for. They’re volunteers, doing what they like to do, when they want to do it.

They are not there to process the garbage that’s thrown at them by so-called SEO’s and webmasters looking for a quick link or trying to list every one of their affiliate mirrors offering nothing but the remote chance a visitor may click on a well disguised ad and earn them a buck.

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Are you in denial?
Self service linking has attained ridiculous proportions on the web as naive, ignorant and lazy webmasters look for the easiest ways to obtain as many backlinks as they possibly can with as little effort as possible. This also fuels the myth that overall link popularity is one of the most important factors for ranking a web page in the search engines.

Visit the average webmaster forum and it’s easy to find several comments and advice advocating the use of self service linking as the preferred method for ranking one’s website. I can only image the quality of the sites being promoted using these methods. I wouldn’t point these types of links at throw away domains, much less anything being developed for the long term.

What do I consider to be a self service link? Any link that results from a direct action of your own accord or one that is attained through automated means. This is one of the favored tactics of inexperienced webmasters or those claiming to be SEO experts or offering so called SEO / link building services. In other words, a link that has no editorial merit.

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