Contest Update

So there’s about 2 weeks left in the contest and many of the participants are scurrying for that last push to try and get their sites to the top of Google’s results on February 6, 2007 at 10:00am PST.

I’m seeing quite a bit of link purchasing still going on in an attempt to outrank others at the finish line. Some of the top sites have up to 17,000 links pointing to their entry page, which is a detail page for the contest site. Amazing.

It’ll be difficult to determine just which directories provide the best overall value when this is finished as it appears to have turned into another SEO contest.

The current standings in Google’s search results for the term “” are as follows:

What’s been interesting is watching the SERPs shift and following some of the trails set down by the contest participants.

Looking at the results it’s easy to see that the predominant factor is not the strength of the directory, but rather the promotional efforts of the directory owners. is a relatively new general web directory, launched on August 1, 2006. The editors are hoping to build a genuine quality reference resource and decided it would better serve their clients to concentrate their efforts on improving the quality and functionality of the directory.

Several new mods to the original script have been incorporated or are planned for the near future that will benefit the directory visitors, editors and submitters.

The listing detail pages now include additional web site resources, providing increased visibility for the most important pages of a site. Directory visitors can go directly to important pages within a site without having to navigate down from the homepage.

All in all, it’s been very interesting to watch the SERPs and web pages in the results. We wish all of the contestants the best of luck in the final 2 weeks.