Google Checkout

Google CheckoutGoogle Checkout or “GBuy” as it has been referred to has finally launched. An online wallet service that Google is hoping will attract more advertisers by providing an easier check out process for their customers.

Google Checkout streamlines the buying process by storing a buyers billing, shipping and credit card information to enable fast, smooth checkouts.

AdWords advertisers that use Google Checkout will have a small shopping cart icon appear in their ads that Google hopes to turn into a symbol of trust with online consumers.

AdWords advertisers can save on some of the processing fees, currently 2% plus 20 cents per transaction. For every $1 spent on advertising, they’ll receive $10.00 worth of transaction processing for free. Someone else noted that it’s like getting a 20% discount on your advertising.

Merchants do not need to have a shopping cart to sell single items on their web site. By simply adding a Buy Now button, buyers are taken directly to Google Checkout to complete their purchase.

Check Out buttons allow merchants to sell multiple items to buyers by integrating their web site with one of Google’s ecommerce partners or via Google Checkout API.

Demos are provided for merchants and shoppers,  and more information can be found at or in Google’s Blog. Merchant sign up and approval took us less than 5 minutes.