Exploitation of Blogspot Subdomains

We’ve been watching how a Blogger flaw is being exploited and wondering how quickly Google will realize and react to this problem.

The problem is that whenever a blogspot subdomain is transferred (to another blogspot subdomain) or exported to another domain, the transferred blogspot subdomain is immediately released and available to anyone with a Blogger account.

Many of these subdomains have large numbers of backlinks that may never get updated, providing the opportunistic with instant PageRank and traffic (human and bots). Google search results provide a regularly updated list of the available subdomains if you know which search terms to use.

Someone creative has grabbed these available subdomains and created what appears to be regular 404 error pages like one you would normally see if you visited a blog that had moved.

The difference is that these faked error pages are loaded with hundreds of hidden links to subdomains that have been flooding Google’s search results.

If you’d like to see what this guy’s been up to – view the source code of the 404 error pages listed in the above search results.

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