So, I’ve Got the Bug

Pink PlumeriaNah, not the seasonal flu; but a yearnin’ that’s been nagging at me.

I’ve got a small pocket digital camera (Canon PowerShot SD750) as it was easy to tote around when I needed to take it along on a call to grab a few images for the file I prepare for my clients’ who service claimants with supposed transit damages.

Amazing what people would claim as new transit damage, but that’s a whole other story.

While those images always seemed sufficient for the work related stuff, I feel that the quality of the images lacking for the things that I’d like to photograph not because I have to, but because I just want to.

Banana Keiki's

I feel limited by the minimal setting options provided by pocket cameras and have been looking more and more at a select few DSLRs.

While very much a novice photographer, I think a DSLR would increase my interest in photography.

I might even learn how to take a few nice photographs that would be worth keeping and sharing.

I remember fondly of  how much film I burned up when I first got a 35mm SLR; I was pointing the shutter at almost anything and everything.

I think I still have a few rolls of film around here that haven’t been processed yet.

Orange Flower

I really enjoyed my SLR until it took a crap and figured digital was the way to go at the time, even with the limitations.

I was initially happy with the images the pocket cameras provided, but lately, I’m wanting more.

I live in a beautiful place and figure as I get older it might be a good idea to have something to stimulate my long lost memories of days gone by.

And maybe have a few pictures to share with my grand kids and hopefully their kids.

Let’s hope that if I do get a new camera, I’m well beyond the learning curve before my mind starts to go.