Attention to Detail

Hall Way Shoji DoorsI just spent the better part of the week playing tateguya-san.

Most of that time was divided between standing in front of a table saw making numerous repetitive rabbet cuts for the individual pieces of a variety of Kumiko patterns for interior Shoji doors,  and then assembling the Kumiko on a makeshift bench hoping for a precise fit.

During this whole time, there was something I just couldn’t ignore.

Attention to detail, no matter how small.

The individual pieces have to have exact cuts in order for them to fit properly for each style.

While monotonous, a single mistake can throw off a pattern completely and there are 28 sets of Kumiko for the 14 individual doors.

Each piece of the pair must mirror the other as one is for the front of the door, and one is for the back.

While all of the patterns chosen are variations of traditional designs modified to fit the application, they still have their individual intricacies.

While this has been a great diversion from working online, it’s an experience that reminds me of how important attention to details are and taking a few minutes to double check yourself has its rewards.

Take a moment to double check the simple things; your page title; description tag which includes your primary keyword so that it’s displayed in the SERPs when someone searches that keyword, and make sure your keyword tags include only those keywords which are actually found on the page. It can make all the difference in the world when you’re just starting out.

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    Good reminder but absolutely beautiful work on the door!!!

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