Is DMOZ Still Adding Submitted Sites?

Open Directory Project

If you read around the majority of the forums you wouldn’t think so with all of the complaining by numerous webmasters about the amount of time they’ve been waiting to have a submission reviewed.

I know of a number of submissions that have been reviewed and listed in recent months, so I’ll attest to the fact that yes, they are reviewing submissions and adding listings that meet their general guidelines.

The recently added listings that I’m familiar with all were listable sites to begin with.  Why submit some affiliate site when you know it’s not the type of site they generally include?

Another bit of information that I can give you is that the suggested titles and descriptions were written in an attempt to meet the guidelines as well.

Ever consider that by submitting to the correct category with a guidelines compliant title and description just might catch the eye of an editor should thay take an interest in reviewing some of the suggested sites that they receive?

They might be in there for some maintenence and just happen to notice the suggestion as well; if it doesn’t take them much time to review a suggestion with potential they just might do it.

Isn’t it about time you started giving your submissions a little bit of potential? Good luck with your submissions.  😉