So, What’s for Lunch?

I’m sitting here trying to decide what to have for lunch. It’s an every day event that I’m looking forward to today with much more anticipation than usual.

It’s still early.

I’ve only had my second cup of coffee and haven’t really gotten the day started yet, but lunch is definitely up front in my mind.

I was thinking about the great sushi restaurant down town that serves some very creative sushi rolls that you wouldn’t find at a traditional sushi bar.

Then there’s a bar and grill across town that serves a mean seared Ahi Caesar salad. A fantastic portion of perfectly seasoned and searched ahi with a wasabi aioli sauce that’s just unbelievable. The Caesar dressing isn’t bad either

Why do I care so much about today’s lunch even though I’ll be dining solo?

I’m having a molar extracted shortly there after and have a feeling I won’t be looking forward to dinner this evening  with much enthusiasm. 😉