August 2010

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Where's the beef?Congratulations! You’ve done all of your research and taken the time to create the type of content that will eventually attract links all on its own.

But how?

After creating citation worthy content, do just a little more research to identify which sites might have an interest in listing your resource and provide you with the type of links favored by search engines that stand the test of time.

Editorial additions on authoritative and quality sites only get better with age and will trump self service links in the long run. As an added benefit, you’re no longer chasing more cheap links to replace those that were deleted or have been pushed down into the muck at the bottom of the pond by each successive blog comment or forum post.

So now you have to jump start a link campaign and get it rolling. If your great resource remains unknown, you can’t expect expect anyone to link to it. Once you do have a few high quality links in place, other links generally follow.

But it’s up to you to dangle the hook to get it all started.

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