December 2009

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Begging Buster Loves Links!
How successful have your previous link building campaigns been? Find yourself wondering why the response rate to your requests have been so low?

Ever try a typical link building service from a so called SEO expert only to find a multitude of inbound links from splog comments, useless directory listings and dropped domains set up for crappy link exchanges (probably by the guy that sold you the service)?

Think about how you are going about getting your inbound links. It was all too common in the past to search Google for sites related to your own, load it up in your browser, find some contact information and fire off a templated and patronizing message that’s just oozing insincerity while asking begging for a link.

Did you really think they were going to be impressed with your mention of PageRank, popularity and search engine rankings? Come to think of it, why would someone want to link to you if all it does is help your rankings?

There is a better approach.

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I’m glad I’ve finally got the blog back up after getting hacked and whacked, and I’m re-indexed in Google. Kudos to the guys and gals at the plex; it was back in less than 48hrs over a week-end. Wonder if the reconsideration request for hacked sites is automated in any way?

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