November 2009

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This blog is a hobby of mine, and for some time I’ve been inactive and haven’t found the time to take care of it. Well, that was a serious mistake on my part.

I checked the stats periodically and noticed a decline in visitors.  Not uncommon with a stagnant blog and I guess its to be expected. What I didn’t realize is that I had been hacked which in turn led me to getting whacked in Google.Hacked

Pure ignorance on my part.

Had I looked at the Webmaster Tools dashboard I would have seen that the keywords associated with my blog were unrelated to the actual content.  Nothing that I ramble on about incoherently was listed. The top 16 keywords are all related to crappy pill peddlers and their wares.

I also did a search and saw the same thing. I checked the cached version of a number of pages and saw nothing suspicious. I viewed the source code and there was nothing unusual visible to me.

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