September 2009

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I had a chance to visit DP after a long absence and was thoroughly amused by some of the posts in the Directories forum – seems nothing has changed.

Little reason to waste your time there; the same folks are still spamming their crappy directory lists, others are still confused as to what constitutes quality, and the Solicitations & Announcements section is nothing more than a spam fest.

I got a chuckle out of one of the posters’ subtle attempt at self promotion of their web directory called LinKernel.

I followed one of the spammy link drops to an article on a directory about “top quality web directories” and surprise, surprise, their own directory is listed.

Top Quality?

You bet!

18 articles total.
8 Featured Listings – 3/8 are listings for their own sites.
807 regular listings sprinkled across 447 categories.
Can’t seem to find any inbound links that were earned.

I think you get the idea….