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We all have a list of favorite directories we use to jump start our latest projects or clients sites; established web directories such as DMOZ, Yahoo!, BOTW and Business.com are usually at the top of any serious marketer’s campaign.

A number of popular second tier directories that come to mind include Wow Directory, Skaffe and GoGuides, these directories provide quality indexes consisting of manually reviewed and edited web sites, and confer some measure of trust.

While we’re all impressed with or have some respect for the directories mentioned above, one other directory has really caught my attention: Aviva Directory. Aviva is a rapidly growing quality directory, and in my opinion could move ahead of some of the well known second tier directories by years end.

Besides accepting user submitted sites for a nominal annual fee, Aviva also adds quality, authoritative listings and will provide a positive user experience as the size of their index grows, which has just passed 9K listings across a little over 1100 categories.

A small editorial staff is now onboard building out new and existing categories and their hard work is being noticed. 🙂 Just take a look at their Latest Additions. Good job, folks!

Many directory owners whom rely strictly on user submissions to build their directories may eventually find themselves behind the eight ball, with Aviva on the other side chalking up for another round. Recruiting an editorial staff was a positive move that will pay dividends in the future.

Many self taught webmasters are too easily influenced by PageRank, and unknowingly equate a directory listing’s value primarily on an outdated graphical display of a browser add on. While they may be easily entertained, I’m more impressed with the growth of Aviva in a manner that will provide a permanent benefit to the Internet community.

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