Directory Ranking or Link Bait?

You tell me. 😉

Directory Ranking is supposedly an attempt to rank or grade the quality or importance of links from general web directories based on advanced search operator results (back link commands) at the primary search engines; Google, Yahoo! and MSN.

In the opening post on a popular webmaster forum where this project was announced, it’s stated that participating directories should list this neutral site as they would any other normal listing:

“Every directory that participates must list this site as they would do for normal listings. Then using these backlink commands at google, yahoo and msn we sort the links ordered by descending link power.

If you do not agree with any of this metrics you can use your own, the objective of this site is to create a neutral resource that enables you to do that.”

At best, this appears to be classic link bait to transfer link juice to their main site; which, predictably, is a web directory. Why else would you need to link from the neutral resource back to your own directory which is participating?

“If you have a directory you only have to list this site as you would list a regular submission using this information, ideally the listing will be at level 2 and 1 click of the homepage, if you have more than one page ideally the listing would be featured to insure you don’t lose ranking.”

I like this next one.

“If there is more than one page of listings in your directory category, it’s suggested that you list this neutral resource as a Featured Listing so that you don’t lose ranking.”

If there’s more than one page of listings, adding this site as a Featured Listing would place it on multiple pages – and it’s no longer listed as other normal listings.

Are we participating? We have an interest in seeing how the search engines currently index and score nofollow links, so we added a nofollow listing to in the Web Directories category at eWebPages Directory to see for ourselves.