June 2006

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Google CheckoutGoogle Checkout or “GBuy” as it has been referred to has finally launched.¬†An online wallet service that Google is hoping will attract more advertisers by providing an easier check out process for their customers.

Google Checkout streamlines the buying process by storing a buyers billing, shipping and credit card information to enable fast, smooth checkouts.

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Google has secured yet another toolbar agreement, this time with Adobe Systems, Inc. The agreement to bundle Google’s Toolbar with Adobe’s Shockwave Player downloads was announced this past Wednesday.

The Google Toolbar will be offered as part of the Macromedia Shockwave Player installation process for Internet Explorer. It was also noted that under the terms of the agreement, the toolbar would also be offered as part of other Adobe product installations in the future.

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We’ve been watching how a Blogger flaw is being exploited and wondering how quickly Google will realize and react to this problem.

The problem is that whenever a blogspot subdomain is transferred (to another blogspot subdomain) or exported to another domain, the transferred blogspot subdomain is immediately released and available to anyone with a Blogger account.

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Google has long been the preferred search engine and has slightly widened it’s seemingly insurmountable lead over rivals Yahoo and Microsoft’s MSN Search again.

In May, Google served up 59.3 percent of the search queries, followed by Yahoo in second with 22 percent, and MSN Search in third with just 12.1 percent.

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Remember when Google would proudly display the size of their index on the home page or publish a milestone when the index size increased?

It seems size no longer matters as they removed the statement from the home page back a short while back. Or maybe they realized that relevancy is what matters most.

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