Promote from Within

For far too long the average web site owner has narrowly focused on ushering visitors to their web site via the home page, or through the front door.

If you talk to the average webmaster it’s not long before you soon realize that most of them share outdated promotional ideas and have not evolved with the search engines.

Instead of maximizing the potential of their web pages, they’re trying their best to promote their web site as a whole, utilizing a single page of content to attract a broad audience.

This may have worked well in the past, but today there is so much more opportunity once you realize that search engines index web pages, not web sites.

Promoting web pages or separate sections from your site increases the marketing opportunities available to you. Link development becomes easier and the odds of surfers finding you are more in your favor than ever before. I’ll take 200 visitors to 30 pages over 6000 visitors to the home page any day.

Targetted traffic is the best traffic a search engine could send you. Isn’t it about time you started helping the search engines to do so?