Million Clicks Button

There was quite the buzz with million pixel ad web sites a brief time ago, when a young entrepreneur came up with the idea of selling one million 1×1 pixel ad spaces for $1.00 each. The Million Dollar Home Page was born. It brought out so many copy-cat sites that they can’t give away those ads now.

We recently came across a new variation of the million dollar ad web sites called the Million Clicks Button. Advertisers are afforded the opportunity to “own” the button for a set dollar amount until the next advertiser purchases the button for a higher dollar amount. All of the traffic from visitors clicking the button are directed to your web site for the duration of your ownership.

The cost to own the button starts at just $1.00US and the amounts double with each purchase, up to $1,048,576.00US for the right to own the button until 2012.

How the owners of plan on sustaining the growth and traffic necessary to attract an advertiser willing to pay in excess of $1,000,000.00 for the right to own the button through 2012 is unknown at this point. The Million Dollar Home Page buzz lasted a little more than 4 months.

I wonder if anyone else looks at the whois info before making a purchase; it’s not very reassuring to know that as of today, the domain name is registered for a single year.

Registrar: ENOM, INC.
Created: 07-APR-06
Expires: 07-APR-07

I imagine some of you that clicked the button might be thinking what the fuzzuck am I doing here? Well, the way we figured it, we really couldn’t go wrong for a buck.¬†We just hope you didn’t break the Million Clicks Button on your way to making internet history.

Thanks for stopping by.

Our best wishes to Rohit and Lata, the owners of! Read about their progress at Million Clicks Button Blog