Fool’s Gold?

Iron Pyrite - Fool's Gold

Seems that there’s quite a bit of speculation regarding the current PageRank update and fluctuations displayed by the Google Toolbar that began earlier today.

New sites and pages are displaying PageRank values that appear to be inflated, while there’s little or no change of the values assigned to older pages.

It seems that it’s now easier than ever for new sites to achieve a PR5, PR6, PR7 or even a PR8! Wow! Sites that are barely 2 weeks old are displaying PageRanks of 5, 6 or 7.

Will there be a mad rush to peddle this fool’s gold? Is Google trying to one-up webmasters?┬áRemember, the best way to bring down an economy is to flood it with worthless currency.

How the fuzzuck can you feel comfortable buying links for all the wrong reasons now?